Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm amazed

Well its the 19th and we are on to month 5 of this deployment. Never have I thought I would make it this far without having a nervoud breakdown or two. These past 4 months have been an emotional roller coaster. Everything that I thought wouldn't happen, did. And that's ok. Because everything is panning out perfect and I know if I have a positive attitude about everything, it will all be perfect. My husband comes home soon. But not soon enough. Currently he's preparing to head to Australia! Yes. That lucky man. Well I know he'd trade that to come home in a heartbeat. His birthday is next week. And I hope he has a good birthday, (yes, without me) :-).

Well I'm in Zona for the next 9 days. Angelica the baby sister graduates high school on thurs so I'm here for that. I can't believe it. My mom and dad have all hs grads and now working on college degrees.

Update on vanessa. (Vanessa is my older sister). Well she is 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant and 220 days to go. Her first trimester is coming to an end! And on to her 2nd one! I take her to the drs tomm! Oh my I an so anxious to see the ultrasound. So excited!

But nothing more to update, until tomm kiddos. Goodnight

I love you babe-o

The wife. Bern

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