Saturday, January 8, 2011

My husband

Derek and I have been meeting montly with our Sr Pastors, Pastor Jim and Freida.. we get with them and connect with them about our marriage/improvements/communication etc.  Well I love it. it gives us a chance to be completely honest with them and they are two of the most non judgemental people that I have had the pleasure knowing for almost the past, almost 20 years.  They have been given the honor to help me grow up and watch me change, be a bad kid, a rebelious teenager, be a new millitary spouse and so on.. Well they asked us to write 5 things that I love about my husband, (every week they give us an excercise to do) well this excercise has been fun!  5 things I loved turned into about 100!!!.. here is my list of things I love about my husband:

1.  He is extremely goal driven and probably the most selfless person I've known.

2. He always goes above and beyond when it comes to me and everything that he does for me.  He does everything wholeheartedly, 100% of the time.

3.  He uses his talents and Godly gifts like serving and it makes me proud knowing that he is more than willing to help anyone who needs it, without complaining.

4.  His smile.  Forever I will be in love with it.

5. He has the best heart I know,  completely real and is never ashamed to give the truth.

6. He trusts God with everything that he has, and it encourages my spirit man knowing that I have a husband who solely relies on God.

7. He does a great Michael Jackson and Spongebob impression.

8.  He is a constant encourager, even when he is going through things.

9.  His dimples!!!

10.  He is such a smart person.

11.  He loves and respects my parents.  and I honor that about him.

12.  I love how he falls asleep anywhere he is at in a matter of 2 mins.

13.  He tells me he loved me every morning when I leave for work @ 615 while he is still sleeping, he has never missed telling me. 

14.  He is a beyond wonderful communicator.

15.  He likes to run errands.  I love that!

16.  His warm body.

17.  My whole family loves him, including my 4 grandparents, all my uncles and aunts including my uncounted cousins. :)

18.  I love his eyes.

19.  The way he has gotten so involved in Church.

20.  He loves to read.

21.  His desire for children.

22.  He is and will remain faithful.

23.  He makes a great pot of coffee!

24.  He takes pride in everything he does,  I think its a military thing.

25.  He puts up with my obsessive organizational nature.

26.  He takes care of me, and never leaves me without.

27.  He waits for good things, like sales!!

28.  He is always real with me.

29. He is much more gifted than I am.

30.  He is always telling me that I can do it.

31.  He is a tender person.

32.  I'm secure when I'm with him.

33.  I love the way he douses himself in cologne.

34.  I love how he forgets things, its kinda cute and annoying at the same time.

35.  I love his ridiculous obsession with football and UFC.

36.  I love how he is so appriciative, he makes me feel so valued.

37.  He is a great present giver!!

38.  I love his cooking.

39.  He buys car  cleaning products that he rarely uses  but buys them to have them.

40.  I love the way he dresses, it makes my heart melt that he takes pride in how he looks...

41. ..........My heart melts even more when he has facial hair.

42.  I love how he always check-ups on me throughout the day through text and phone calls.  I love that.

43.  I love how he is a bloody hard worker.

44.  I love how he is always up for a good movie.

45.  I love how he pauses a movie when I leave the room.  Its kinda cute.

46.  I love how he likes to go grocery shopping.

47. I love him because God was gracious enough to give me my husband.

48. I love that I get to wake up in his arms every morning and not have to worry about seperation like deployments anymore.

49.  He preaches the Gospel with an incredible amount of passion.

50. He is more than willing to follow  me anywhere, even into a girls bathroom to make sure I am alright.

51.  His idea of romance is a candlelight dinner, soft music, dancing, just the two of us.
52.  I love that he isnt perfect, but in spite of that I know that God made him perfect for me and only me.
53.  I get butterflies when he wears hats and sunglasses.  ohhh. :)
54.  I love that when we are walking on a sidewalk I have to walk on the side of him furthest from the street so I can't get hit by a car.  He is so caring! :)
55.  He looks so sexy dressed up for church,  he is MY little preacher man!
56. The way he strives beyond belief to tell others about Jesus.

57. He is not embarrassed to call me pet names in front of others.

58. How he always puts me before himself.

59.  I love the way he tries to explain football to me when I really don’t understand.

60. We can glance at each other from across the room and know what each other is thinking.
61. He loves to take showers together.

62. I love how he wants to make up after a fight.

63. I love that When I am grumpy, he still loves me.

64. He is so incredibly understanding with my little obsession with blogging.
65. He never stays mad at me.

66. I love that he kisses me for no reason at all.

67. He lets me warm up my cold feet against his leg and doesn’t complain once.

68.  I love that he fought this country to protect MY freedom and YOURS.  I think thats something!

69. He likes my boobs.

70. He buys me presents just because.

71. He takes such good care of me when I’m sick.

72. When I’m having a bad day, he always does extra for me and lets me rest.

73. He likes to have fun but is frugal.

74. I love that he does the dishes all the time (ALL THE TIME), WITHOUT complaining.

75.  I love how he is a Big little kiddo.

76.  I love the way he proposed to me, I get butterflies thinking about it.

77. The way that he always comments when I dress up for him,  He thinks I am soo sexy.  even though he knows I HATE the word SEXY. LoL

78.  His willingness to sacrafice anything for me.

79.  He always gives me the benefit of the doubt. :)

80. I love how he eventually buys me everything I want, eventually.  Even when I'm not with him.  He doesnt forget.  :)

81. I love the way that if he could, He would buy me a planet. :) Yes, he is that great of a husband.

82.  I love the way that he understands my relationship with my sisters. 

83. I love that you like to take naps.  Makes me feel like I'm not the only one always tired. :)

84. He loves to grill.

85. I love how he is unbelievably close to my father.  He is like his manfriend.  Its cute.

86.  I love how he has to always call my dad to get a second voice on things.  I admire it actually.

87. I love how he is not afraid to correct me, even though sometimes I am wrong. hehe.

88. I love that he loves our neice.  It just gives me a glimpse of how wonderful of a father he will truly be.

89.  He knows exactly what to do to get me out of a bad mood.

90.  I love how we are soo much alike.

91.  I love that he can talk without speaking when he is upset, he has a little cute evil eye he gives me. :)

92.  I love that he  has a insurmountable amount of faith.

93. He always makes me feel like the best is yet to come.

94. He is simply irresistible.  I mean I am extremely crazy about him.  :)

95. He truly inspires me to be a better wife.

96.  I love how he can be a little macho.

97.  I love that he is willing to make my lunch in the early wee morning hours.

98.  I love that he is so in love with me.

99.  I love that God created him for ME.

100.  I love that he is the best husband in the world for me.  He has an unsurpassable amount of love for me and will do whatever it takes to provide for me.

Here is my 100 things I love about my husband.  

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