Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's MAY!!!

My my my.   I was thinking about last May.. so much has changed since then.  Last May I was re-adjusting my life, again.  Derek was on month 2 of his Afghanistan deployment and I was home feeling sorry for myself.  just kidding.  :)  And I was just anxiously waiting for that deployment to be DONE with.  Thank God that I don't have to worry any longer about deployment or being apart from my husband.  Well much has changed since last year, and looking at this month it sure has.  We are officially ALMOST to month 5 of this pregnancy. and in 1 week we close on our HOUSE!  How exciting to know that we did it ALL on our own without ANYONE's help.  Amazing to see how God works when your life is devoted soley to him.  I often have people ask me how I do it.  Wait, "How I do what?" I ask..  they say you have everything.  WRONG.  I am just beyond blessed my My Savior and anytime anyone asks me I always, without a doubt give God glory because he has been the only one who has made my life successful. and without God, whoa.. I don't even want to know where I'd be.  Anyways,  Besides being pregnant, buying a house and all that jazz,  I must also throw in the mix that I will, again be a college graduate.  This time with a bachelors.  I'll have my BA in Business Management with emphasis on global business.  Amazing huh?  I've been in college for 6 years now and I've spent countless hours on homework and invested thousands of dollars into my education to get a SHEET of nice paper. lol But I can say that I will be DONE with school BEFORE the baby gets here, ACTUALLY 1 Week before the baby is supposed to be here.  How awesome is that?!  I think its pretty awesome.  But thought I'd share and update.  Its been a while.  :)

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