Thursday, October 6, 2011

My baby girl

Without the risk of sounding like I think I'm far too blessed, the truth of it is- I am.  But even more so is my daughter, Zyana- Lee Grace Gonzalez.  Because of this hairy fellow, my husband Derek.  Hes made from very good (The best) stock.  I revel in watching him with our daughter, noting the distinct difference in how he is with her.  Zyana gets all of his most tender caresses and words, and patience.  Never-ending calm and loving patience.  He'll walk the floors with her, bouncing, rocking, singing, humming, any and all of it.  I've observed, watch and listen, but mostly take great comfort in knowing that he is distinctly tuned in to her responses, always giving her what she needs.

He tag-teams the evenings with me (he works throughout the day and right now I'm staying home with her) without complaint or distress.  It's taken about a week to get into a sort-of (as much as one can with the unpreditable world that is baby-dom) routine wherein we take turns and somehow manage to get in a decent nights sleep WHILE we hangout and care for our little girl!

A true father/daughter relationship was a bit of a mystery to me.Yes, I have a wonderful relationship with my father, but now watching my husband with our daughter is such an amazing experience to witness.

Now I have a daughter who has it all, and my brain? This is the part where I can sit back and experience the love and joy my husband and my daughter both offer. Zyana has been in the world for almost two weeks, and its amazing to know that she can offer so much love from such a small person. Never in my life have I ever felt someone so soft and lovable. She is a beyond beautiful little girl who resembles her dad in so many ways.. me, not so much. She has my nose and my eyes but everything else says Derek. She truly is a blessing from Heaven (that is the meaning of her name) :)

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