Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 months, New YEAR!

Hello!  It has been quite some time that I've been away from the blogging world.  I've missed being able to write down my thoughts and share with some of you who read some of my writings. I'd like to start by saying that A LOT has changed in 5 months.  And I'm happy to know that change is good, change is needed.  Let me start off by saying that Derek and I are expecting baby # 2!!!  Zyana-Lee is going to be a BIG sister to a baby BROTHER! We are due in late August and we were beyond shocked to know that we would be expecting again.  We talked about trying again but, bang.  It happened all within a month time.  God is good, because the Lord does give you the desires of your heart, and I have to say that our desire was to have another and He is faithful because he finally gave us a boy.  I am also pleased to announce that I am back in school.  Working on the masters degree in psychology/professional counseling and though grad school is quite expensive I know that it is all worth the time and effort for our growing family. Besides the current news with a new pregnancy my little Zyana is a trip.  Right now baby doll is at that stage where she repeats everything you say, so lately I've been trying to stop the words: crap, bs, dang it, oh man, what the!, and a few others.. Though their not bad words, they are bad habits to me and the last thing I want is my daugther picking up on those words. 
Well, I plan to be back to the vlogging world.  My time management is improving but I'd love to finally get on a good schedule with everything we all go.  until next time,

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