Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Molly Moomoo

It's crazy living back home, it's almost like everything went back to how it was.... except now I am married and have a little fur ball with me everywhere I go... and of course Derek isn't here currently. So yesterday I took Molly mo to get her first real hair cut and to the vet. I told the people at pets mart to call me if they needed me. well, they did call me to come get her... she was done but I knew that molly bothered them because the lady sounded irratated with Molly. I asked the lady what was wrong, she said we found out that Molly hates the blow dryer. :-) As much as I wanted to be mad a molly I smiled, she is so funny.. It's crazy how she has a personality similar to me.. fiesty. :)

anyways after the haircut I took Molly to the vet. We waited ( me and Christopher) for about 50 minutes to see the vet for 10 minutes. Anyways, while we waiting there was about 10 other dogs waiting to be seen by the same guy. Chris whispered into my ear and said, "The dogs in here sure do look like their owners." So true! fat lady in there with a obese dog being seen because he's weezing! Sorry to burst your bubble ma'am but the reason your dog is like that is because he is overweight. hahaha Another dog was big and tall, the Lassie dog.. You could tell she was sick, anyways her coat was so long it was dragging on the floor, she shook and stood up and (we counted) 7 ticks fall off the dog! nasty. People don't take care of their pets.. gross.. so after I saw the ticks and fur everywhere I kinda grossed myself out. I was disgusted by the time we left that place. Anyways, Molly is finally being seen and they tell me she has allergies and that I have to give her 12.8 miligrams of childrens benadryl twice a day... plus she has that kennel cough still.. and he gave me penicillian for her twice a day. But shes okay! she is caught up on shots until next year. :)

After I left the vet I went to mom and dads, sat outside with mom and let molly run around. I gave her, her medication of the benadryl and the penacillian. she did NOT like the Penacillian. She was running around playing around I think she got bit by somethitng or she had a reaction to the shots or the medicine I gave her. I dont know but she freaked me out like she normally does... buy dad said its probably because she had a stressful day of going everywhere.. but shes fine now.. that was my day yesterday.

Anyways today, loooked for a job. did homework and watched the baby. My nana lucy got into a car accident today. She had very serious injuries. She fractured 3 ribs and had some internal bleeding. I'm actually gonna be heading to the hospital right now with my sisters and dad.. mom is already there. I guess my nana went to south phx today and she was supposed to be back to the house early morning time, she didnt and my tata got worried and he didnt find out she was in a car accident until 2 o'clock pm. Then my mom called us and freaked us out too.

Well. I am off. I miss you so much its crazy. I am praying for you. stay encouraged and be strong. I love you so much

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