Monday, March 15, 2010

So much to update on!

Ok, I have been so busy lately getting everything ready for Derek to leave. MY last day of work was on March 5th!. booooo. Since March 5th we have massively emptied our entire apartment! everything is in storage and packed away. Our last day in our apartment is March 25th! my how time flies by soo fast! Derek bought me a lil doggy! Her name is Molly Coco Gonzalez. She is 3 months old! she is a lhasa apso. And I love her soo much. She is the best little puppy that I have ever seen and she is mine! I took her to her first Vet's appointment and she has an ear infection in the right ear. and lately, well, within the last couple of days she has been coughing so much. almost like she is gagging. I told the vet and she said it doesn't hurt her? I think it still might be kennel cough but I just don't want her little body to be hurting. or for her to choke. I just feel so helpless. I want to help her and take it away.

Anyways, My D got another tattoo last weekend. 1 Samuel 17:52 on the inner arm on his right side. It is actually very nice. I like it. It represents him how he feels before leaving to Afghanistan.

Anyways, I cant think of anything else to update on... until next time.

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