Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Missing my husband doesnt get easier

I really miss that wonderful man of mine. I have been trying my hardest to keep busy. Today I hung out with Chris, we went to B dubs LOL and watched Chris shop. Not too much today. Omg Molly is learning that she can bark at anything and everything just because she can and I wont do anything about it. She is sooo cute. Man I love my cute dog. She is getting so mischevious though that its cute. :)

Other than that, I forgot how much allergies I have when I am here. I feel like scratching my nose off when I am in the shower that is how bad I itch. It is horrible. plus, I am officially cutting back on the coffee that I am having major withdrawls. Its getting better but the headaches just make me want to sleep.

Update on nana. She is doing well, visited her today with Chris and she is improving drastically. The pics of her car are crazy. Everyone keeps saying we dont know how she is still alive. she is a miracle. Today she began her physical therapy. She was in so much pain but she is making progress. She asked me and chris to buy her gum. yes gum :) you know how she is.. :)

Other than that, I know Im blabbering but I dont have much to say tonight except I love you, I miss you terribly. :)

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