Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Ultrasound. 8 Weeks

So, I am 8 weeks pregnant.  I feel so sick.  My appetite is shot.  I feel lightheaded and sick all the time.  Every smell I think is disgusting.  I've become quite emotional, I cry over everything.  I kinda hate how much of a sap I am becoming! :)  Anyways,  Derek is doing quite well with helping me cope.  He has actually be quite amazing.  He has been perfect in helping me adjust.  He says little comments here and there that kinda make me chuckle.  But he has been packing my lunch everyday.  Constantly asks me if I took my prenatal vitamins.  Its actually kinda cute.  Today at 4:10  we have an ultrasound to confirm if we are having 1 baby or 2!  yes, that is right.  first ultrasound showed 2 babies.  So today, hopefully we will be able to find out HOW MANY! :)

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