Wednesday, June 22, 2011

28 weeks pregnant, 12 weeks to go.

Holy Toledo.   These past 28 weeks have went by so fast that I don't even know where the time went!  Life has been so hectic I don't know where to begin.  Lest start with the most recent news.  Yesterday, I ended up in the hospital after work.  2 days ago I was feeling really bad lower cramping in my abdomen area which I have not experienced since being pregnant.. so just to be sure after work I called up Derek and told him that I had to go to the hospital.  First I called the drs office to see if they'd see me, that was a negative they told me to immediately go to the hospital. So I did.  Derek met me there. After I was admitted they took me up to the labor and delivery floor to get me examined.  Lets just say everything went well.  All is fine,  no dialation, no water breaking, no nothing.  Apparently I must be feeling these things they call braxton hicks.  Which since I've never been pregnant I don't know what to experience.  So we were both relieved with everything being okay with Zyana.  To be honest, I wasn't even worried..  okay just a little but not about her, I was more worried that if she were to come at any day we'd be absolutely unprepared!  but I guess all you really need for a newborn is diapys, wipes and onesies. :)  trust me, we got that covered.  But thus far God has been good to me with blessing me with a perfect pregnancy.  I've not gained more than 5 pounds and I am feeling great about myself.  BUT I am NOT looking forward to the labor part, actually I've been putting off thinking about it for as long as I possibly can. :)

In other news, the house is coming along great.  I am finally getting adjusted to living alone with no nieces around!  but I am thankful that God made a way that me and my sister live 3 streets from each other.  Which is nice cause the development we live in, our houses are actually walking distances. :)  But the house is good.  picture frames and walla decor hasnt went up just yet.. but Derek did putty all old holes, fixed the toliet, bought a garage door opener and is soon about to hang up ceiling fans. 

Other news:

The day we moved into the house,  our dogs Zoey and Molly ran away.  2 days later we found Molly.  We didn't find Molly.  The Buckeye police department found her relaxing underneath a tree, in the shade and grass out of breath in FRONT of the police department.  Thought that was funny..  I think she was tired of running and turned herself in.  Thank God that we put microchips in both of them. Zoey, on the other hand has yet to be found.  We've had non stop calls about people seeing her in the neighbrohood but no one can catch her cause the dumb dog is scared of people!  dang dog.   I hope she is okay,  our search continues to find her.

Not much else to update, but I am trying to update every few days.. were in the long strech now.  Third Trimester here we ccome. :)


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