Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 weeks, 10 to go! Oh MY word.

Well World, today marks 30 weeks.  What can I say up to this time?  A lot actually.  Let me try to stay positive. 

Back hurts.
heels hurt (not swollen THANK THE LORD).
So hungry like a homeless person.
Really tired.
I'm always HOT which is NOT normal.
I sometimes have a burst of energy where I don't want to nap. ever.
Im ready to be done working with. 
I think I am FINALLY starting the "nesting" period.
I'm loving online shopping rather than store shopping.
Getting anxious and sad at the same time. :(
I LOVE dressing up.
I am so in love with wedge sandals. :)  especially being pregnant and wearing them:)
I do feel like I'm at the point of being sleeping naked.  but then I think its kinda weird. :)
I HATE doing my hair in the morning.  I guess you can call it all around laziness. aka.. pregnancy.

Other than my negative and positive list.. Things are going good.  in the past 7 months of pregnancy I've gained... wait for it.. wait for it... 4 whole pounds!  Yes.  well first beginning of pregnancy I actually lost 16 pounds, due to asthma and such.. but yes, 4 pounds.. Its kind of crazy. I hope baby girl doesnt come out too small.  hey its not my fault.  I am ALWAYS hungry.
And to be honest.  NOT ONCE have I thrown up since I've been pregnant.  guess everyone is different.  I am so glad that it hasnt happened to me yet.

Derek and I took a birthing class at West Valley Hospital on Saturday.  a whole 7 hour class!  It was kinda cool and terrifying at the same time.  Im not anxious at ALL about the delivery part of it.  I just dont know how women actually survive the birthing process.  call me crazy. lol

Gotta go. 

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