Monday, August 15, 2011

33 weeks!

Well,  its been a while since I've updated so here goes.  Nothing is new except time.  Time is going so slow.  I feel like I've been in the same week of pregnancy for 4 weeks.  :)  Had my 33 week drs appt with Dr. Howard... Derek had some questions about the medication that I'm taking, pretty much to see if it will affect baby girl if I breastfeed.  looks like we are good to go though, he gave us a clear for me to continue the medication.  Still haven't gained weight.  I am at 9 pounds in the last 8 months.  Thanks to my husband for keeping me in check with what I eat.  no soda, no candy.. just an occasional bowl of pistachio nut icecream once in a while.  Other than that I have been dying daily for unflavored iced tea.  Weird right?  I just need lemon and OMG it hits the spot.  Ice tea has been so wonderful... only bad thing is the amount of caffiene intake it has.. but I figure it this way..  I wake up at 0330 every morning, start work at 0500.. work until 0200.. I have class from 6-10 pm.  Go home and finally crash out anywhere between 11-1130 pm.  so having a glass or two every few days is totally fine by me. 

I finally got all my fmla paperwork submitted.  I am thinking that either on Sept 1st or Sept 7th will be my lst day of work.  I'm kinda excited... well I guess I have mixed feelings because I'm gonna miss some of my awesome coworkers I've made my family.. but really excited to have a new little addition to our family.  All in all I am excited, nervous, scared, and anxious.

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