Monday, August 22, 2011

36 weeks AND more

Well this marks 36 weeks this week, and although we both think she might be coming soon she is definately going to come when she is done roasting.  a little stubborn already!? :)  I'm okay with that, I just ready to be done with being pregnant.  I haven't had a hard pregnancy I just want to fit into regular clothes again, breathe normal, not feel like a mini beluga, and tired all the time. :)  I am now going to be seen weekly by Dr. Howard.  This friday is my next appointment so hopefully baby girl is locked and loaded and ready.

Other news.

ORDERING invites, cap and gown, and all that other stuff that I have to get for graduation is here.  I guess you can say that God really works in the favor of his people.  I am so thankful that a few weeks after Zyana is here I will be DONE with MY BACHELORS!  Praise God that he has made a way that I finally finished with this degree.  Talk about favor.. I missed my graduation deadline in June to walk with my class, so I have to wait until November to actually walk, which I am okay with. 

Not really anything else to update on..  this is short and sweet.

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