Sunday, February 22, 2009

He got to touch a Liger!?!

Well, I talked to Derek today! He called me a 0400 this morning and it was well worth it.. Lately I been so bothered with him that I havent given him a chance to really tell me how he is doing and whats going on with him. I figure if I stay mad it will get me no where.. ( and I dont even remember what I was mad for!). I went 3 weeks without talking to him on the phone, we had been emailing each other regualarly, but it just wasnt the same to me.. hearing his voice made me more at ease... and I slept better knowing that he is and will be doing well.

The unit just finished the Operation Cobra Gold training in Thailand. Which means the are now headed back to Oki, drop half the battalion off and his unit got picked to go do some training in Korea! which also means, they are no longer on the USS HARPERS FERRY any more! they are now on the USS ESSEX. which sucks cause I bought shirts that said. "USS HARPERS FERRY, DOC GONZO" lol. so I guess that means I get to buy some new shirts!. I didnt even get a chance to wear the ones I ordered because I literally just got it last night!.. haha talk about sucky.

Derek told me that he went to the Thailand zoo, got to pet a Tiger... (I told him it would have been cool if he got to pet a Liger.. lol).. got to play with an Elephant and he got to ride it... which is pretty awesome, the zoo's out there rock... you dont get to do any of that stuff stateside. :-) He's been buying and buying an unbelievable amount of stuff that we technically dont neccesarily need right now.. he bought a muy thai outfit... (yes the whole get up).. says he is going to train when he gets back... ju jitsu too.. we will see about that.. I think its pointless, but I guess its worth it if thats what he wants.

I dont have much to say tonight, I pray that he calls again today.. I know they are loading on the new ship, so I dont think I'll get a call. I miss you babe-o and I love you so much!

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