Friday, February 12, 2010

Some interesting facts.

1. I hate anything minty.

2. Citrus and pepper make my allergies go crazy.

3. I get really bad headaches from certain spices. ie. pepper.

4. My mom said that I have a natural scent of cinnamon.

5. I yawn probably 50 times a day. even when I aint tired.

6. I was told by my mom I was dropped on my head when I was a baby, she says that only when I say ignorant things. :)

7. I love tea and coffee.

8. A good book is the way to my heart.

9. I enjoy praying. praying is like a hobby of mine. :)

10. I became an auntie on Dec 16th, 2009 to the most beautiful baby I have ever laid eyes on.

11. I am married to an amazing person who has really pushed me to get to where I am today.

12. I bite my nails, its a really nasty bad habit, and really un lady like. but Im trying to stop.. hey at least I dont smoke right!? :

13. I am the middle child of the family.

14. and probably the one who was most spoiled as a child.

15. I have a minor obsession with Guess watches. I own like 13 going on 27.

16. I love my wedding ring, its the most significant item I own.

17. I want to join the Marines, but my husband refuses to let me join.

18. I have some pretty remarkable friends. and the few I have I wouldnt change them for anything.

19. The person who has ever had to most influence in my life happen to be My pastor for life. Pastor Jim Brown.

20. I have a cadillac, no I'm not spoiled. Im just blessed with great things.

21. This is weird, but I am terrified of seaweed at the beach. I feel like it could just wrap my body up and drown me.. DONT LAUGH!

22. Im in school to be a dr. and with God ALL things are possible.

23. I am absolutely mortified to have a child, when that day comes.

24. I always wanted bigger lips. I want collagen.

25. I have some crazy stories about me as a child. crazy unbelievable stories.

26. my dream is to visit Eygpt one day.

27. My favorite cruse word, that I dont say is: Jag-off (a Chicago regionalism) ITS NOT BAD PEOPLE.

28. I hate, cannot stand chocolate but I have a sweet tooth anyday for butterfingers.

29. I hate sad movies.

30. I cannot function correctly if I do not have my morning coffee.

31. I get real worried when I think about my future. and my age.. lol

32. I love reading biographies.

33. I like learning new words. weird, yes.

34. I am secretly in love with Terrance Howard and Denzel Washington. Yes, my husband does know this. :)

35. I rarely remember my dreams. This has not always been the case.

36. I've laughed so hard that I've peed in my pants on several different occasions. last was with Brittany.

37. Obama should not be president. End of story.

38. I have always found books about serial killers interesting. I know weird huh?

39. one of several ongoing passions of mine is: driving.

40. My mother is one of th greatest singers that I have ever listened to. she amazes me everyday.

41. I love the sound of the ocean.

42. What turns me off: Close-mindedness, gossip meant to hurt somebody

43. The first word I learned to spell was: Transportation.

44. I hated long division math when I was a kid, actually, I still hate it.

45. I hate video games, last I played was with Derek from there on I had bad dreams about zombies chasing me.. Medal of honor I believe.

46. I like to sleep with 6 pillows.

47. I could by a pair of shoes every day if I could.

48. Orchids and red long stem roses are my favorite.

49. I love Davidoff Cool Water. dont get me started...... :)

50. I spent my 21st birthday in San Deigo with Derek. Thats all I can remember. haha.

51. I want to expierence a Mardi Gras. just once.

52. My last name is Gonzalez, and my husband is a white boy. strange huh! :)

53. I dont accept Michael Jackson being dead. HE is my favorite.

54. I cant stand when Im waiting in line and I can feel the person behind me breathing on me.

55. I hate being placed on hold.

56. I hate ironing.

57. I cant stand Spencer Pratt. that guy is a douche.

58. I love the Bee Gees beyond words.

59. people say Im strange. I dont get why? haha

60. I want to own a pool when I purchase a home.

61. I believe everything that the Bible says.

62. I guess I grind my teeth when I sleep. thats a no no.

63. I hate fastfood.

63. My sister Vanessa makes fun of my toes, she calls them french fries.

64. my baby sister will be a marine. some day.

65. I am so proud of my family. they are wonderful in every way possible.

66. I think Kim Kardashian is absoultely stunning.

67. I always wanted to own a pinto.

68. but then again, my dream car is a Range Rover.

69. Greena and brown are my favorite colors.

70. I miss mom and dad.

71. I enjoy barnes and noble when I dont have any money. just go and read some lit.

72. I love airports.

73. I have a real star in the sky named after me. no lie.

74. I suck at parking my car, but great at driving it :)

75. I want to buy my mom a newer cadillac. the xlr couple one. she deserves it.

76. I love it when my parents tell me they are proud of me. that will never ever get old to me.

77. I love the smell of strawberries.

78. I will name my son, Zacariah or Ezekiel. if that ever happens. lol

79. I like taking baths.

80. I HATE shaving, its so time consuming.

81. I want to write a childrens book.

82. Im allergic to bananas.

83. I love listening to people with accents, its so sexy. haha

84. I will never own a van. sorry no soccer moms here.

85. I really enjoy Army Wives. even though its not all

86. I want to go to the olympics some day.

87. my favorite TV show growing up was Three's Company.

88. I really appreciate war movies.

89. I made an attempt to be a gardener, do over please?

90. my mom made me and my sisters watch sesame street growing up.. I think it helped.

91. I love tattoos and peircings.

92. I want Dereks initials on my ring finger one day.

93. Hollywood Blvd makes me uneasy. haha

94. My favorite band is Sanctus Real.

95. I hate cold weather, but some day I would love to make San Francisco my home.

96. I want to own a boat.

97. And meet a president.

98. Im a bookworm.

99. Im an overanalyzer.

100. Im 23 going on 36 wanting the best of life.. I have an amazing family, good friends.

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