Monday, February 8, 2010

that stupid darn superbowl

I dont see why people make such a huge overrated deal when it comes to sports, generally the retarded supebowl. I guess it just makes me so mad when I see die had fans go all out for a couple of hours of a stupid ball being thrown around. I dont get it? why are people that way when it comes to football? It breaks me heart to see so many lost people across the world get crazy like that for a game.. Just think of this for a moment. could you possibly begin to imagine people getting like that for God and for church? as much as I would love to say that could be the case, reality of it is that will never happen. People everyday are loosing their souls because of the consquences people make. but I just wish they would really take a look into their lives and try to find some salvation. It would be so great to see an arena filled like that and pumped for Christ that way. but that'll never happen.

anyways, I guess I am done venting. I never said that there is anything wrong with people enjoying a nice game and stuff. but how bout we try harder to be that way for God. Is that wrong?

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