Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby Girl Zyana-Lee is 3 Months OLD!

I sit here in awe thinking that just 3 months ago my crazy little mini me was kicking me and taking my breath away.. now, shes here whenever I want to just get up and hold her and kiss her all over.

New facts:

Her ears are PIERCED!!!

Currently in size 0-3 months.

Wears size 1 diapers.  Will be going to size 2 soon. tear.

Smiles non-stop.  I mean, NON-STOP.

Knows what her hands are, and loves to have them in her mouth.

She farts like a grown man,  literally.  When she does fart I have to look over at Derek and ask if that were him or her. Seriously.

She finally met her grandma, AKA GG (Derek's Mom)

Loves breast milk. AND that stupid darn paci I said I would never give my kiddo.

Is beginning to be more talkative, whenever daddy talks to her she coos back.  ALL the time, for me not so much.

When she hears her daddy's voice she stops and tries to find him and when she does, her smile is so big her little eyes practically close.

She still sleeps in the swing.  We like her close.

She LOVES being swaddled.  It's pretty much the only way she will fall asleep.

When she gets hungry, she cries.  Wait, she screams like she is dying :)

Here she is... PEACE

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