Saturday, December 10, 2011

Back to work

I was able to take 3 months off work to spend time with Zyana.  Well on December 9th, I returned to work.  Easier than I expected.  We are so blessed that we do not have to take her to a daycare (if that were the case I would NOT work)...  My mother decided to quit her job in August to watch her grand girls,  She has 3.  Mariah Adrielle (2 years old) Naomi Adriana (9 months) and Zyana-Lee (3 months).  I'm not really sure how my mom has so much energy to keep up with these girls but she does it and I take my hat off to her for taking on such a big responsibility.  Anyways we are blessed that my mother gets to watch Zyana.  I dropped her off at 7AM on Monday the 9th,  I was running late so I didn't even have time to cry or anything.  I had reassurance that my mom was going to take care of her.  She did too.  Throughout my first whole day of work,  I missed her.  I literally watched videos of her and stared at her pictures for 9 hours straight.  When I finally got off of work, I sped home.  I think I even took the carpool lane on the freeway (yes I know its against the law but I wanted to see her).  When I finally made it home, I ran in to see her and she knew my voice instantly when I spoke to her, her smile was so bright it made me smile AND cry.  I cried because I missed her so much.  I took it better than most first time mothers do when they leave their newborn. She even slept on the bed with us. :)  I love her so much!

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