Monday, December 5, 2011

Worse feeling in the world.

Is to see your newborn child get sick for the very first time.  Tramatizing actually.  It's a very scary feeling knowing that their tiny bodies are so fragile and open to get anything, like the common cold.  Recently Zyana got her very first cold... she came down with it on November 10th, 2011.  We did every to prevent it from escalating.  We used the humidifier and we were suctioning her nose throughout the day... but she just got worse.. well on Saturday, Nov 26th we took her into to see her pediatrician, well the on call nurse practinoner.. she told us to keep doing what we've been do.. and sent us on our way.. oh, and she said we could give her a small dose of tylenol.. we did.. She didn't get better.

Come Tuesday November 29th, Zyana got a little worse.. this time she hadn't peed or pooped once.. I know poop is normal for newborns to not go everyday... but the pee part concerned us.  So we called the pediatrian again.. and he immediately told us to take her to the childrens hospital.  As soon as I hung up with them my heart dropped.  Why would they tell us to take her there?  Dr said there was a chance that her liver could be failing, or she had stones.  Well I called Derek and he just so happens to work right across the street from the Children's hospital.  I told him to just meet me at home... When he got home, we were out the door.. and she peed! Thank God! We ended up calling the dr back and told him she urinated, he insisited we still take her in..We  did just to be safe.  The monitored her and she was fine.  They noticed she was stuffy and they wanted to do a deep suction on her nose.. so here is the video.. My poor baby girl.

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