Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 30- Your favorite song.

I have so many songs that I am completely in love with but to top it off, Sanctus Real is my #1 favorite band of all time and the song that I am in love with that is my hands down favorite song of all time is:

AFTER TODAY by: Sanctus Real

The reason why I love this song so much is because it touches my heart,  the lyrics say it all,  After Today.  I have so many dreams and desires that God has given me and I know that I will, one day accomplish and live up to the fullest capacity for the mantel that I have on my life.  the Bible says that, "Many are called and few are chosen"  now I know I have a plan on my life and I am terrified of everything that God has for me but I am so scared, are you?
here are the lyrics:

After today I'll get me out of this place

Into the world so I can set a new pace

Seems I'm on my own from here

Vision doesn't seem so clear

Won't You lay me in Your hands of grace

I've got a funny feeling that I'm gonna go away

Gonna face my future, gonna try to make the grade

I've got a ways to go from here and vision doesn't seem so clear

But praise God He's got a plan and understanding isn't my place

After today I'm gonna come face to face

With a new world who knows I'm feeling this way

I've got a ways to go from here

I'm gonna overcome these fears

Still I'm gonna need Your hands of grace

I'll be a bigger man... I'll pray a bigger prayer

I'll dream a bigger dream...for today.

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