Friday, March 30, 2012

6 Months and taking over the world one heart at a time.

Taking over the world one heart at a time for every single person she comes through her life.. Getting only more charming as each day passes, stealing the hearts of all who cross her path, she has the smile of her father.. it melts hearts. There has been so much change within the last few months with my darling little daughter. She's now sitting up, she sits in her high chair, bounces in her bouncer, pushes BACK in her walker and loves to play alone with all her toys in her own room. Sure do have mixed feelings about how much shes changing. Officially now she is in STAGE 2 of baby Gerber food... stage 2- SITTER. :) And she’s fetchingly chubbed out at 17 pounds. Story-time has taken over as her favourite activity, next to music-time. Loving the sound of her own voice, she can frequently be heard throughout the walls of our home babbling in a sing-song voice at the top of her lungs. And may I add... she is self-weaning the devil (The PACIFIER) lol

Her newest little adventure: taking her socks off. Well, actually she's been doing it quite some time now but its consistent even more.. she HATES socks on.. and personally I cannot STAND to see babies without socks on.. and now my daughter LOVES to be without socks. HA. just my luck. But my baby girl is progressing good. Here are are new stats as of today... She had her 6 month doctors appointment.


Weight: 16 Pounds 12 Ounces

Height: 25 1/2 inches.

Head Circumference is: 43.5 centimeters.

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