Friday, March 2, 2012

Newborn, Three-months, six-months....

For everyone who ever offered a class or written a book, article or website about breastfeeding should be drop kicked and punched in the face. No one can fully understand breastfeeding fully until the actually commit to it. To many, people think its simple to just "put baby/latch on boob"... to be honest there is much more that goes into the whole breastfeeding thing.

Now that I’ve been breastfeeding for six months, I can see that there are many different stages to breastfeeding. And I’m sure there are many more to come in the months that follow!

Here is what I’ve experienced so far…
Having a newborn baby:

I remember when I first started this nursing venture when my daughter was immediately born.. and man she knew exactly what to do. I never had any problem with her feeding but for a beginner that business HURT like a mo fo. It starts out extremely painful and uncomfortable, engorged boobs, cracked nipples, and milk is spraying everywhere. For new moms like me, you get confused and you have no idea if the baby is getting enough milk or how long you should feed them at a time. Your body is slowing trying to get back into the change of returning to normal, your hormones are out of control and you become emotional when you stare into your new child's eyes. And at that moment being able to provide the nutrition your child needs gives you so much satisfaction as a mother. When I was on maternity leave all I did was pick my nursing spot, my bed; and I had my water, cell phone, remotes and lights off and enjoyed my whole day doing nothing except bonding with my little milk monster.

Having a Three-Month-Old:

When having a three-month old you kinda sorta get the hang of nursing on demand, night time, at dinner and even in church... for me anyway. At this point you got more of a schedule down and now were doing anywhere between 15-20 Min's on each boob. I think we got this whole breastfeeding down.. did me and little girl master this? I think not... but I do love is when she occasionally looks at me with the most biggest smile on her face... she knows how to melt my heart like no other.

Having a Six-Month-Old:

Wow, its now turning into a bit of a challenge. With teeth coming in, her grinding is becoming a nightmare!. I think she thinks I am now supposed to be used as a teething _ _ _ _ ? something? haha. She has obviously become way more mobile meaning I have to watch for her pinching, scratching and her moving her legs.  Right now she has a thing with pulling my ears especially my NOSE! By moving legs I mean she now does this thing where she has to grab her foot and shake her leg. It is quite funny to watch. Also I may add that any noise will cause her to have to see what happen which results in her often yanking me with her.. not cool at all. Now days we have to have all TV's off and more in a darker setting for her to keep her mind on eating. oh and if she hears her dads voice she looks for him, waiting for him to come up so she can smile at him.

This is all I got for now. I like to make people smile and giggle... because I know I am not the only one who experiences these things while breastfeeding. :) My next post will be in another 3 months! :)

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