Monday, January 11, 2010

Brideport Training.

So, here we go again Marine Corps. Derek leaves on Saturday for Bridgeport training. for those of you civis out there, Brideport is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains.. Mountain Warfare Training to be exact. He will be gone a total of 22 days. yes I did 184 days, but still c'mon man. My husband is leaving me to go freeze his face off. The thing about this is they issued him special "snow" gear. and it is quite funny looking. He was issued these snow boots. they actually look about 20 inches long.. and they look like Mickey Mousse shoes.. they are WHITE boots at that! hahaha. We are slowly getting ready for this training, as he departs on Sat early monrning. Im gonna miss him. but I have to keep reminding myself its for a short time ~;). Thing about the Marines and Navy is they get the job done.. they arent like the Army, Army trains and trains forever and ever and they still dont get their training down. Airforce, Dereks dad is AF retired. wait, what does AF do? just kidding just kidding. :) dont take offense to that anyone, AF protects our skies.

Thats it for now.

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