Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I dont know why in the heck I am always getting sick. I think I have a bad immune system or somthing.. If its not the asthma then its a headache, if its not the head, its the tummmy. list goes on and on. Me and Derek were talking the other day about pregnancy and he brought up a good point. How am I going to survive a pregnancy with being sick all the time? hahaha I take like 5 different meds for my asthma, headaches and allergies.. Its crazy.. and on top of that I cant have a lil body growing in me with my asthma.. haha.. now I am too scared to get pregnant and have a baby..

Well today in the OC it is in fact raining.. all day actually. and this time last year Derek left overseas and about the first two and half months of deployment it rained and rained. so now its raining again somemore.. crazy. I just love rain. but I do have douchebag drivers who dont know how to flow with the trafffic and rain.
Oh well I guess.

Derek leaves for Bridgeport in T-minus 2 and a half days. sucky, I wrote on my work calender a countdown of when he comes back.. 22 days starting on Jan 16 and ending Feb 07...

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