Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today I think I have come to realize that I need an intervention. I admire shoes. Shoes represent people. Shoes have originality. Shoes have style. Shoes show who you are as a person. Shoes make you. And I think I have come to realize that I need to part from some of the shoes that I own. I own quite a few shoes and yesterday there was an incident.

Yesterday I was running late.. and in a hurry I totally forgot to turn on my closet light as I was running out of the house, and I totally grabbed two left black heels to work yesterday morning. :~(. yes, two left black heels. quite embarassing I might add. I called someone and they told me they would let my manager know. I was 27 minutes late.. hahaha.. But I really think I need to part. I dont know if I can do that though.

Well good news is i wore flats to work

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