Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 03- A Picture of you and your friends

And this, this is my best friend. Derek. Derek and I at the Marine Corps ball 2009. amazing night with some unbelievable people.
These are Some of the greatest guys you will ever meet. Paulo on the right, and Adfaulter on the left. Marine Corps Ball 2009 Now, I am quite not sure when this was taken but I am almost positive this was the weekend I found out that Derek was deploying to Afhganistan so I said, "f you deployment" and got completely and utterly wasted (which will never happen again) and ended up in the ER from an panic attack! AMAZING yet funny NIGHT! This is Angela and Me.

Derek on the left, Reyna, Angela and Me. Night out in Newport beach, Dereks going away party night to Afhganistan

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