Tuesday, April 28, 2009

horrible week

I haven't STILL heard from my frickin husband. Yeah I know he's mad and pissed off at me for biting his head off and being honest with him about a couple major issues.. But when in the hell is he going to get over it and gimme a frickin call? I have been so irratated with him that I guess its a good thing he hasn't called lately cause I woulda def let him have it worse than what I feel like today. I'm so bothered and bummed. That my whole week was great up until I hear from him yesterday. I wrote him a very mean letter on motomail earlier and when he gets it he is NOT going to be happy. I mean all my emotions are built into so many different ways right now that it just sucks thinking about what really I could say and how hurtful I could be.

But oh well, it is what it is at this point. He needs to carry on. Suck it up and be a frickin man

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