Monday, April 27, 2009

Mixed feelings can just ruin your day

Alright so today was going good.. and out of no where my sister Vanessa said she had to tell me something.. so first thing I thought was oh man something is wrong... well she told me to go away from everyone so I could be alone.. well she sent me a picture message. and the picture message was a picture of a pregnancy test that showed pregnant!!! My sister is pregnant! and I am so happy for her and my brother in law.. this is prefect.. they just bought a house that should be done sometime in July/August. and I really couldnt be any more happy. She is so excited but so scared at the same time. But I am happy!

I will posts updates when they come.. but there is a picture of exactly what their kitchen is going to look like. .;-)

well after an eventful day.. (NOT) my husband is randomly online, on myspace and just decided to leave me a comment, but didnt feel the need to log on aim or yahoo messenger without me having to tell him? what the heck.. sometimes he just dont get that I literally wait hours and hours and days and weeks to hear from him. he is very inconsiderate and he does NOT realize it.. so its whatever at this point.. if he wants to continue acting like a douche bag that whatever. I dont even want to talk to him if hes going to act that way. .

I dont have anything else to say right now.

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