Saturday, April 18, 2009

kinda sad today.

Well, that's it... My parents last daughter to ever see any high school dance. Its been a hard Saturday... My baby sister had her last official Prom. :-( she looked like a grown woman today. Shocked cause she is stunningly gorgeous. Breathtaking actually. Just beautiful. She had such a fun time getting ready today that we took about 5 hours on her hair! Girlfriend has cowlicks everywhere in her hair. Its all thick and nappy but all in all her hair looked awesome. Actually, believe it or not I did her hair AND her makeup today! For some reason my moms couldn't figure out how she wanted it and I knew how she did so I just went with it.. And her hair came out great. She wanted a huge poof on top and it on the side with large kinky curls and that's exactly what we did. We put a flower that matched her dress in her hair and it looked cool. For her makeup, well since her dress was purple with hints of grey I decided to do about 4 different colors on her eyes. Last night we went to Ulta and I got some new shades of eyeshadow for her and we didn't even use em. Well anyways. I decided to give her a more softer look and a smokey color on the edges. I decided to blend in and make some of my own colors rather than doing just a regular purple. At some angles I was able to get it to looks green, brown purple and pink. Her makeup rocked big time today! But her boyfriend Faustino looked pretty good, when he told me he has a pin stripe suit I was like nah! He messed it up! Haha but when he walked through the door they matched perfect! I loved the way the both looked together and they are so cute! They are good for each other. He had a mowhack which was rather interesting cause I think he's the only guy that could pull it off and look decent. Haha.. Alright alright I am rambling on and on about the two of them, but I am happy to see my sister happy! She looked smokin...

In other news.... Not too much to report today. Angelica and I introduced my father to what the "shocker" is... Oh you know you know!!! Hahaha he was soooo embarassed when we told him what it meant! Haha he called us retards, we were like "dad your the one who is always making that sign" hahahaha. It was pretty funny looking at his face. His jaw pretty much dropped to the floor! Hahaha it was pretty funny. He didn't even know what. "Wtf" meant. That was pretty funny too. Seeing his reaction. My dad is a character. He cracks me up. I love my daddy. Haha

I gave BOTH my parents a hard time today because, next week they are apparently going camping with the church. And I told them that I come down here pretty much every other weekend to see them and they can't even go to CA and visit me! I made them feel bad... Really. It sucks because I am always doing crap for my parents and they can't even take a frickin weekend trip to go see me. I hate that crap. Well, so apparently they say they are coming down to visit next month, but we'll see how that goes... I know how that it.. Ugh... Oh well, haha like how I was talking all good about my dad and then I said that? Haha I still love them. Especially my mother. Moms has been so sick with bronchitis this pas week that I've been taking so care of here that I even been getting up in the middle of the night to give her her medication she got. But she's improved good. She went out tonight with dad ... Which I'm happy about

So right now its about 1020 on saturday night... And I'm watching STAR WARS a new hope. Golly I love love love star wars!!! George Lucas has made some remarkable films. If only I could meet him, I'd shake his hand and thank him for making awesome movies of all time.. I was talking to Gina last night and she was telling me how Robibie her husband is obsessed with Star Wars! I told her he just got 10 times cooler in my book. Ha...

Well my parents just got home! And I am trying to finish this movie. I miss my husband so much!

Love you babe-o

Xoxox the wife
Miss you husband.

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