Friday, April 3, 2009

Whats new?

So I'm sitting here in the naval hospital right now, actually in the pharmacy area and this place is loaded with people. All ranging in age. And I'm sitting here looking at all these different faces and these guys in uniform and I can't help but ask myself what they are being seen for and what medication they are taking. I know weird right? I'm sitting here about to pick up some inhalers! And I am dying to know also, how many people are addicted to their medication. Its a big question to ask yourself. I mean sure, the old people in this place need medication for like their health, something to keep them truckin right. But I mean like all these young people in this place, I wanna know how many abuse medication. I'm weird, I know. Gimme a break here u have a lot of time on my hands to think of weird things like this.

Well, I hate hospitals, the fact that I'm sitting here listening to these crying out of control kids, just gets under my skin. It urkes me! I just wanna tell the parent, yo control your child. I know I know some of these kids are babies, and they cry for no apparent reason at all, but the toddlers? Wtf, why do they cry? Oh cause mommy didn't let them run off or they didn't get what they want, so of course they are throwing a hissey fit like nobodies business.

I guess I woke up in a bad mood today, actually a horrible mood and because I woke up this was I am bothered with pretty much everything today. My husband and I were arguing and he doesn't help it! He laughs when I'm upset and that just burns me. He doennt understand how mad that really makes me sometimes. My husband mind is like a child sometimes and I don't get it. Yesterday we argued because of the way he dresses! I hate the way he dresses. I mean I look at it this way... You reflect your spouse. I reflect my husband and my husband reflects me. And me, when I go out with my husband I make every attempt to look my best, I take pride in how I look, especially when it involves my husband. But, my husband however, sometimes ddoesnt care and to an extent it bothers me. I mean, I guess when we talked I kinda took things a little overboard but still, he should try to look nice for me right? Or am I mistaken? If I'm mistaken what the hell has the world come to if people don't care about the way they present themselves?? I don't get it, but when I look at it. I make every attempt possible to look nice, and when I really make the effort, my husband doesn't even notice.. His head and eyes are so locked to other things-like playing his psp or doing something dumb, where he doesn't even notice. And I make every attempt possible for him to notice, think he does? Yeah right you gotta be kidding me.


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