Sunday, April 26, 2009


I must say that tonight was rather unxpected and totally not predicatable. But my gracious handsome husband snuck in a 45 min conversation today. :-) my husband is far from amazing. He's so wonderful as a man but so great as a husband too. It had been since April 6th since we've last spoke to it was really unexpected to hear his soft soothing voice and his little precious laugh that just melts my heart. He sounded like he was in the next room. Which was nice cause most of the time it seems like he is a million miles away and sometimes that makes me feel a bit uneasy and he knows I hate that feeling. But he is doing well. He's only showered once since he's been in the Phils. Ill tell you what I really don't think any other branches compare... Were tough ones. Even though my babeos booty needs to be cleaned I still love him and his stinky ol self. :-)
He told me it rained pretty much the entire time while he was there so I was happy he didn't take any of his electronics to the field. Even though I told him he should cause hed be bored out there. Lol
Well anyway his company got in trouble because one of the guys lost a rifle out there!!! How does someone loose his life life? Oh yeah by drinking while working!! That's how. So that douche bag got the whole company in trouble! Dumb guys I swear. Foolishness
I think its so precious that when I don't talk to my husband he goes on and on about how much he's hates the field and marines and I just sit an listen to him talk and talk. Literally he could talk for days about how some marines are just ignorant douche faces. Haha. But he had a lot to say last night, even though I wish I coulda talked more. Just a tad. I'm happy but husband let loose and chatted away. Hey its not always you get to have you husband talk and talk. Ya know? So I soaked it up. So tomm he should be calling me same time. Tomm he is going out in the city to do me some shopping. He said he bought me a shirt that says like filipina or something like that. Omg only my husband would get something that was mispelt. I love him. He's so good to me. He tries really super hard to make me notice and usually all the time I notice without him even trying to get me to notice. :-)
Ahhh my husband made my night. I'm happy we spoke.

I love you. Babe-o
Good night my love

The wife

Miss my husband

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