Monday, April 20, 2009

We bought MY wedding dress today!!!!

Oh my dear Lord!!! Talk about being overwhelmed! I found my wedding dress for my big day today!!! It was the first dress and thee last dress that I tried on.
Funny thing is, is when Vanessa got married we went to the same place I bought the dress that she did... Well when Vanessa bought her dress I told my mother.. "Mom that is going to be my wedding dress!" That was 2 and a half years ago!! So well I went to that bridal store and we found that same exact dress from two years ago! I knew it was the dress. Instantly. The first dress that I ever tried on I knew it was the one.. Golly I had so much fun trying on so many different dresses today. I felt like a princess and a little girl again! It was a great awesome day. My mother took photos of every single dress that I tried on and none sparkled like the one I bought. Amazing. I wanna send my husband a picture of the dress! But I just can't!! He is going to love the dress I know his jaw is going to drop to the floor when he sees me in it. Shocked. I cannot believe I found my dress! I've been shaking all day with joy because I found it! I am so anxious to tell my husband about it! He's going to finally be happy that I found one! I wish my husband would call me! We are going on two weeks from not hearing each others voice! And it kills me, but he will be shocked to know that I got another thing down for our wedding!

Well onto another subject...

I am leaving back to CA tomm. I have school, but I think I may head back later this week to Zona so I can go camping with my family. I really wanna go but I DO NOT want to miss Ds call! I know he will freak out like nobodies business when my phone goes straight to voicemail. So I'm not sure, I just wish, hope and pray that my husband calls me before Thurs so I can ask him...

I also want him to buy himself a laptop this month. My husband deserves a new laptop and I want one too! Haha. Hopefully he can call me so I can tell him we've got extra money to do that. I want a laptop too. So maybe we can both get a laptop. I really need one for school. So we will see what my husband says.

I miss my husband soooo much! I really need to hear my voice! His voice keeps me going! Gahhh!

Its about 1125 pm here on Monday night and I need to catch some shut eye so I can be well rested for my drive home.

I hope and pray for my husband. I miss you. Babe-o. More than you will ever ever know. It feels so weird not talking to you regularly. But I know that you think about me 24/7 I love you sweetheart!!!

Love you husband,
The wife

Miss you babe-o

Oh yeah we are officially at 100 days today!!!!!!!

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