Thursday, April 16, 2009

When life throws you lemons, you paint that crap!

Missing my husband more and more gets harder and harder each day I dont hear his voice or his laugh. I've really been missing him this past week. I am currently in Zona visiting with the family and my mother and my father have been terribly sick.. and this whole time I am trying to run the Gonzalez house now plus the Anguis house.. only thing is.. I am here in Zona and I'm not taking care of things back home and I feel like I am going to loose my frickin mind. I took my mother today to the drs, she left work early so we decided it'd be best to get a drs not and such.. well according to her, her "simple" cough turned out to be bronichitis! my mother DOES NOT take care of herself when she gets that little tickle in her throat or that simple cough.. I am trying to pound it in her head that she needs to go to the drs and take vitamins and meds.. and my dad, thats a whole different story. My dad, well they cant figure out what the heck is wrong with him. But my father is a STRONG strong man. I know that he will get better. its just a matter of time and effort on his part. I have been so stressed out with trying to balance work and family out that ive become a bit overwhelmed with it all. I know I dont work and all but I am still very under much pressure.

It's been so hard not talking to my husband. I dont even know where the heck he is or if he is ok. he has money and phone cards I just dont know why he hasnt called me or emailed me. BUT I know that he is training and he is on deployment and him calling is hit or miss.. so I understand. So all I can do is ALWAYS have my phone charged, sleep with it. and always keep it on me. Ready to answer that sucker.. lol

I just finished up some homework, Its 11:09 here on Thurs night. Just had bible study tonight so it was awesome seeing the church family again. I felt at home.. and its the best feeling in the world when I see my AZ church family. Today they had a guest speaker from Russia. and his brother. and all I can say about that is we people in the US are VERY blessed people. We've got it made. we are able to have Bibles wherever we want them without having to worry about being killed for our beliefs in Christ. if yoy actually think about it.. people in those communist countries die every day for beilieving in Jesus. And I am thankful that I am in a free country for me being able to believe what I can. :-)

well sweetheart, I miss you babe-o sooooo much

I think about you every moment of every day.. and I dream about you and when I am able to see your handsome smile in front of me again.

I love you husband,
The wife.
Good night,
Have a good weekend babe-o!

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