Sunday, April 19, 2009

Touched today

I never really realized and thought about how great God moves. I went with my parents church to visit another church.. the church is more of like an African church. Alot of like people from Africa attend that church.. but my heart was touched today. These little kids in their cute little outfits praising God in their own language. My heard was really moved with compassion today. I couldnt help but cry. all those little kids who performed songs in their language are orphans.. most of the kids parents died because of AIDS. I had so many mixed feelings today.. all great feelings. My heart was just touched. Seeing little kids, babies praising God just amazes me. God can move in ANY life, age, culture, or heritage. God is so good. I am so blessed by what God does in his young people. My heart really goes out to young people. I love to see the Lord move in such miraculous ways. I wish there was a way for me to help and reach out to touch lives.... i know eventually the door will open where I will be able to minister, but not anytime soon. I am still learning about God.. I am just trying to soak it all up now.. so much stuff in the Bible to learn its crazy....

well its 1141 pm on Sunday night and I'm up chatting with Alejandra.. Joses woman. She is such a sweetheart.. she is so adorable. :-) Shes made my night fly by fast. Its officially been 1 week since I've spoken to Derek. and it just sucks. My week has been so horribly that I just want to frickin sleep. I just wish the next 100 days or so would fly by or I just end up in a coma and wake up a week before D gets back. haha

well I am gonna crash out now.

I miss you husband

I love you babe-o

The wife.


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