Sunday, April 5, 2009


I must say that today has been a tremendous day. I had a good day. I woke up, which at the beginning I didnt want to, I was so tired talking to my husband all night that I didnt want to... then I mentally told myself I BETTER get up and head to church. and I did. church was awesome as usual, the great thing about my church is that everyone is so supportive.. I mean they are always praying for Derek, and they have yet to meet him.. Everytime when I walk in to the church they always ask me... "Hows the hubby?" it makes me feel special and touches my heart that people are concerned and are showing that support that I have really been needing. so church was great.. after church I headed to the grocery store.. I absolutely love grocery shopping. its fun and it actually relaxes me.. and I make sure I walk through every single isle. I know I dont drink or anything to that nature but its cool looking at all the new bottles they have out and I like looking at the prices of alcohol. I think people are just plain ignorrant to be spending like $32 bucks on certain drinks.. I see it as a waste of money, and the feeling is temporary for sure. Well as I was doing some grocery shopping, I kinda got a little overwhelmed. I was walking and I cant help but think how it is when Derek and I go grocery shop. Its so cute how my husband shops, I mean sometimes it gets on my nerves, cause I think he does it on purpose most times... but we'll be in the store and he'll like grap a spatula and he'll say we will need it for one thing or another.. Im like Derek, no we dont need that right now.. we have that already... haha but just the way he is, like a little kid sometimes... throwing random things in the cart like I'm not noticing it... trust me. I know.. I make sure I calculate things in my head.. but its cute... God I miss that. I cant wait til he is home so we can do that...

well after I was done grocery shopping I was all pumped, I was going to take the cars to get washed, fill them up on gas and such... yeah that didnt happen, Almost instantly when I got home I was tired! from talking to D. So I didnt even put the groceries away, I fell asleep so fast.. hhaha so after I was in my deep ol sleep my dad calls. not once, but twice... first time I didnt answer was because I was sleeping... so I ignored it and I was going to call him when I woke up, that didnt happen. he called again. So I answered, and he knew I was sleeping so he said to call when I woke up.. well after I woke up I couldnt go back to sleep! so I was up, but by this time I was hungry... so I decided to make myseld some homemade salsa.. it was yummy.

So after that I decided to check my grade for my last class I completed. well I got a 89%!!!!!!!!
tell me how come my instructor couldnt bump that up to an A!?!?! I got a B! which is sucky! now my gpa is gonna be affected. I have honors and I def cannot afford to get sucky B's. so I was bummed just a little bit. but oh well I guess.

So then Derek called me. thats when I was happy again. I talked to him briefly, but it was still great. after that I figure I'll catch up on my calls, so I called D's dad, my dad and my sisters.. so I am good until tomm.. lol..

So now I am hungry again and now I'm gonna go make a BLT, I bought alot of bacon today... lol

Well, I have to prepare for another busy day. Cant wait to talk to my babe-o again tonight

I love you babeo

The wife

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