Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I need him.

Today is the first day "not" talking to my husband. Eghh. Just when it started getting better. :-( I mean I look forward to talking with him through a webcam now! I do look forward to that...

On a more positive note. I again, took care of business today. I paid all our bills for the month and managed to pay 2 credit cards off! So now we have 1 and our cars, and that's it. So things are looking up on that aspect. Its been a little harder having only one income now, but I mean. Its working. Dereks making bank right now so its good.

I went to church tonight a prayer meeting. It was good, I love praying. Especially for my family, and derek my husband. I know when you make your requests know to the Lord he hears you. And he answers your prayers.you gotta be faithful with the small things and God will continue to increase the land beneath your feet. I know that for a fact. :-) God is good.

Well, I don't have too much to day tonight babe-o. I want you to know that I miss you terribly.

I love you babe-o,
The wife. Xoxox

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