Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Babe-o

So today, today was a pretty interesting day. I havent yet talked to my husband, but when I do I have pretty much a fabulous day.. well as of yet I havent talked to him. but I have had an awesome day. I mean I didnt really do anything except stay at home and mess around, but it was a good day. I woke up early and I went running and pumped some iron today. after that, I took a shower, sat down and did some homework. I had class tonight, and I had to do a presentation that had to be long.. at least 10 mins.. I had 12 slides, including references. so I figured if I do at least one min per slide, I should be ok right? well the team that I presented with went over. like 10 mins. haha. But we did it and accomplished it, it was great in my opionion.

My husband posted some pretty rad photos on him and all the places he has been so far. and I must say, my husband isnt the best when dealing with a camera but the pictures that he was able to take were amazing. My favorite ones were from when he was in Thailand. I dont know, but if you ask me he does look a tad different but still amazing as usual. I smiled and got a little teary eyed when I saw them, but I am happy that he is able to visit and see places that normally people pay thousands for.. lol..

Right now its about 1013 in the PM. about to lay down. I have a busy day tomm. I have a drs appt and have to go on a shopping hunt for my husband. He wants a particular game that he cant seem to find in Oki, so I'm gonna rise to the challenge and make the attempt to find this darn game. haha. and take care of some other stuff. looks like tomm I'll be heading to the beach with a new girlfriend that I met!. I am so excited to finally being able to meet some people in the area from where we dwell, and to make it more cool shes a military GF! ;-) they are the best. so I cant wait.

In other news. nothing much going on, looks like I will be visiting AZ in a couple weeks again. My baby sister is having her SR prom and I took the responsibility to do like 11 girls' makeup! not up to the level of professionalism but I know what I am doing. I must say I am pretty handy with makeup.. I have to give myself props. I wish I could do makeup school. I think that it would be so awesome to do. learn all new techniques and things like that. I mean, when I step foot into Sephora, I just look at pictures and I get these ideas in my head when it comes to different shades of eyeshadow and it makes me go crazy cause I think it would be possible for me to start making my own eye shadow. I can do it. I know I could.

Well I am about to sign off for the night, I miss my husband so much its ridiculous!. I love you babe-0

The wife


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