Friday, April 17, 2009

What a day

Today was pretty much a blur. Boring as usual, actually I did hang out with my sister, got a hair cut and did some practice runs on the sisters for makeup for Angelicas prom. Woke up, did homework, took care of moms some more and pretty much called it a day today. I felt good after getting my hair cut that I went home. Fixed myself up put on makeup ans stepped out. It was nice. I hadn't worn makeup for a while, thought for a moment that I was loosing my touch, pfft yeah right, ill always have my makeup hands. :-)

Right now its about 1039 pm on Friday night and I'm hanging out with my baby sister watching 10 things I hate about you. Good cool movie. I am so bored lately. Not talking to my husband just plain sucks. And he knows that too. I always wonder how much my husband thinks about me throughout the day, what he thinks about and how many times he talks about me or how many time he looks at our pictures.

I don't have much to say tonight, I feel like I'm repeating myself constantly in these posts. My life is so amazingly boring.

I love you husband more than you will ever know

Love you babe-o
The wife


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