Saturday, March 21, 2009

another day with a headache

Ugh! I have another headache and I think its from my coffee withdrawls. I wish you were back already to stop me from drinking it so much! My head is pounding. And I did not drink any today. So today pretty much was a lame day! However I am looking forward to tommarows church service. So we will see how that goes. I didn't hear from you today, I figured you men are now prolly on those speed boats heading back to Oki, which is fine by me. I just hope you call me soo. I'm anxious to talk to you. For the most part things are good. I'm visiting my parents. My dad cracks me up. The doctor told him he needs to walk and be more active so today we went walking, when we got back he was walking all over the house with no shirt on and him sticking out his chest. Thought that was funny. My day gets made in the slightest of ways. Lol.

Well I'm laying down, ready to hit the sheets.

I miss you and I love you babe-o

The wife.

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