Thursday, March 5, 2009

nothings changing!

I've accepted that with you gone, you and I are still the same dumb jokesters that we always were before you left. My biggest fear was you coming back a total changed indivdual. All I've realized is that the more I pray for you and the more I ask the Lord to direct and order your steps, I continue to hear the holy spirit saying to me, "everything is going to be okay.". Often times, I always try to think of the bad, and think of the worse that could happen to you, but God told me to stop thinking like that. You are protected under the mighty hand of God. I know I should put my total faith in the Lord, and I know that studying my word, and making my requests known to God, he hears me. The bible says to ask and it will be given to you, I asked for you, and now I have you. I realize that I am a very blessed woman of God. And I know that there aren't a lot of woman who get to go through what we are enduring. But with God, ALL things are possible and I know that if we always put God first in our marriage, our marriage will be a success and we will never fail. :-). I love you so much, I love the way you endure these countless tasks that have been at hand. I love the way you tell me you love me more after I just say I love you. I love the way your beautiful smile lights up my heart. I love the way that you can make a horrible situation seem like cheesecake to overcome. I love you because you are an amazing unique utterly gorgeous individual. I love you babe-o. With all my heart.

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