Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Package from Thailand, are you Mrs. Gonzalez?

Of course I'm mrs. Derek Ray Gonzalez!!! I decided to take a trip to the post office today and check our PO box, not expecting anything I got a package sent from across the world, Thailand! My babe-o sent me some awesome stuff I am so blessed I have a husband who buys me stuff. (Not in some sort of spoiled way) but in a way that shows he is so interested in buying me stuff. My husband is completely awesome. He makes me feel so special, I know I know we haven't been married long enough to "expierence" marriage. But I don't like people saying that bad stuff, "oh give it a year or so and the kissing/cuddling/sex is gonna be over". I don't think so. I hate it when people say that kinda stuff. That bothers me, its almost like people are trying to curse our marriage.

Oh well enough about that.. In other news my sisters are still here and they got into a heated conversation today. (It means argument) but they have been mad at each other for the majority of the day and it makes me sad cause all I want to do is spend time with them and have some fun. Being around girls makes me feel good. Haha I been so used to being around guys (dereks buddies) that it was weird hanging out with my sisters at first. Haha. Lame I know

Well, I'm about to move around some furniture. I love you babe-o and thank you for my stuff. I appriciate you so much

The wife.

Love you babe-o


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