Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've had the worse of luck

I haven't talked to my husband going on 4 days now, and its finally catching up with me. I've missed him so much, just when I though things couldn't get worse, it gets worse. Haha. All I do now is just laugh and say, "God, your in control". At least when I talk to my husband I am at a peace, but when I don't, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't even concentrate... Because all I dwell on is my great husband, and yes he is absolutely wonderful. I think about something funny he has said to me and that puts a smile on my face, and big ol cheesy smile too, the kinda smile he can only get out of me...(Yes even though he's not here).

Yesterday, I decided to go to the Cadillac dealership by our house, the dealership that I initially took our car to, to get it fixed... Well, the guys at the dealership tried to pass a fast one on me.. They decided to diagnose my car wrong, they fooled me into thinking that it was my tires that were messing up my car, (in Nov Derek and I put new tires on both of our cars) well I thought that didn't sound right so I took my car to Arizona to have a second set of eyes to look at the car, turns out the car dealership in California gave me the wrong information about my car, it had nothing to do with my tires. It ended up being a darn leark in the power steering and a sensor light had to be changed on it...which we ended up getting fixed since it was covered under warranty....BACK TO THE STORY...
So I decided yesterday to go back to the Cadillac dealership that jacked me out of our money and left me without the Cadillac for 4 days... Well I went back and told them off, I told them they diagnosed me car wrong, they jacked me for my money and they did it all because I'm a female.. I was really pissed off, to make matters worse no one wanted to even help me yesterday! So I told them if they didn't refund me our money I was going to write to the better business bureau and get the local news station invloved for being a stupid company, as soon as I said that... Oh yeah, they decided they were going to refund us our money. It just is a bit upsetting, that I am trying to take care of the "guy" business, since my husband is gone, he's not here to do it, so I stepped up to the plate and I'm getting things done.
Stupid companies think woman can be played for a fool, well not me. I just wonder how many people they've screwed over because of it. Ignorrant people, I swear. And to make my weekend to go a step further, I got a speeding ticket in December driving back from AZ, and I had until March 11th to pay the 374 bucks! Yes that much, well I expressed it to be sent to the court so they could process the payment, well come to find out the stupid money was never taken out of the account! I received a notice in the mail saying the retarded bill was past due and an additional 300 dollars was going to be added, and it was going to be sent to a collection agency! Well yesterday I called and they told me I had to go in person to do the dumb payment, no I couldn't pay over the phone, no I couldn't pay online, and no I couldn't talk to a representative to process the payment for me. Well, they gave me a grace period that was until yesterday! I had to pay it by yesterday to aviod any penalties, so I called to see what location I could pay, they said any location in San Diego county, so I was like shoot, there's one in Oceanside, to make matters worse they close at 330 on Fridays, well I made in by 310 and I was all excited that I was there, well they told me I had to go to a specific location! I was so upset, I was told I could go to any location! Ugh, well now I have to go on Monday! I'm so bummed, everything bad has happened this past weekend. I just wish my husband were home so he can life some of these issues off of me. I miss home so much. Its beginning to be unbearable.

I love you Derek,

The babe-o,

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