Sunday, March 8, 2009

The house Hunters

Well you may know that Derek is not going to reinlist! :-( boo. I really really want him to because its perfect for the both of us. Especially me with school and all the awesome benefits the miltary has. The biggest concern derek has is having to go on another 3 or 4 deployments, in which most cases since were attached with the Marines only the finest get to go on deployments like that. Oorahh :-). And being that my hubby saves lives he is right along side with them. So his biggest fear is leaving me, and he has made it very clear to me that he doesn't do well being away from me. Its been difficult adjusting to being alone and taking care of the cars, paying the small bills we have, alont with planning a wedding :-) (but I don't work! Cause I'm in school and that alone makes my day harder). But not working is definately helping out a lot! Ok ok back to the story, since Derek doesn't want to reinlist were moving back to Arizona! :-) and were gonna buy a house and I'm gonna finish school there, most likely he will go to school too, and possibly work in a hospital. So we will see. I want to desperatly stay in san diego, but nope he wants to move back home. :-( so we still have 2 years here, he's been in like 3 years already which is awesome because my husband is a BA when it comes to his job! So we will definately see what the next 2 years takes us.. For the most part he still will be with the 5th Marine Division 3/5 Lima Company. :-). And me. Hmm. I'm gonna remain a housewife and work on the baby making when he returns. :-)))

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