Monday, March 30, 2009

distance makes the heart grow stronger

Well, today was a somewhat productive, yet kinda bymmed day. How does that work? haha. Well this morning, Dereks buddy, Etrata left to Iraq, again. Etrata is on a special team, so there were only 9 guys heading out. I was up at 230 and we got there at like 4, and everyone should have been there by 5, and no one showed up until 630. He was so scared in thinking they left without him of he was there at the wrong time. He was there on time, just thouse other douche bags were running late. Well when I said good bye to him, I felt like I was saying bye to the last person I know out here. I mean, yeah he is my husbands friend, but my husbands friends are my friends too. I was kinda sad because it reminded me of when Derek and the rest of the guys left. It actually made me feel sad a little, I felt like crying but I held it together. I told him that he will be home before he knows it, I said as soon as the guys get back, I'll blink my eyes and you'll be home. So I said a prayer over him and I went on my way. Now I am holding another guys stuff in our storage. :-).

Today I also went to go pay that dumb speeding ticket that I should have paid on last Friday, I had to drive 81 miles to the court house in El, Cajon. It sucked bad. I didnt want to drive all the way back home from Oceanside then drive all the way back again, So I just went, drove down there and parked.. took like a 2 hours nap. haha. Well I did talk to my husband today. HE is doing good. He has to work later on, which is a bummer cause he told me that he was supposed to have like 3 days off or something like that... so I dont know... they are getting ready to go to the Phillipines here real soon. I hope I can talk to him more than I did when he was in Thailand, I think I should. I dont know yet. We will see what they have lined up and for how long he will be there. I'm actually excited for him to go there, I mean thats part of my heritage, and I know how he just loves to try new foods and see new things so I am almost positive he will enjoy himself. I hope he can buy me some candy from there. It is the best candy aside from mexican candy. thats for sure. I want something cool when he goes there. maybe something that I can wear or use on a regular basis, ohhh maybe like a bag for school. like a book bag or something.. Hmm, whatever it is or whatever it happens to be I know that my husband will put all his heart into finding me something special.

Right now, I just woke up from like a 3 hours nap, and I feel great. I went to sleep so my headache could go away, and it did!. haha I just put on that Ironman movie and now I'm here doing this, and start some homework here in a bit. I hope I hope and pray my husband calls me today. I've been so moody with him that I have been a little mean lately. hmm

Well I am about to do some other stuff and wait on my husband.

I love you my gorgeous handsome man,
love you babe-o


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