Thursday, March 12, 2009

enough already

So I keep having terrible headaches! I've stopped drinking coffee when Derek left, (starbucks anyways) but I drink coffee on a regular basis and when it comes to school and homework I drink it constantly to keep me going all night so I can accomplish homework! But for the past few days I've been in Arizona and my parents don't have coffee creamer in sight so I've been skippin out on the coffee. Well last night my parents asked me to go on a walk with them, and I went and my headache was out of control yesterday! I couldn't even move my head anyway cause I could hear the heartbeat in my head literally. Well we walked to target and the target has a starbucks in it! Oh my oh my! So I had to do it! My dad bought me some coffee. Omg almost instantly my headache was gone! And dad went a step further and bought me chocolate covered coffee beans, and I must say they are quite the delicacy! I do not want to get back on the starbucks binge! Please I am good with making my own coffee in our brand new awesome coffee maker! :-). But today I didn't have a headache either which was awesome cause I had a couple of the coffee beans. No lie those things work like a champ! Haha.

In other news, not too much going on. I talked to D's dad today. Nothing new with him. Same ol, same ol. He attends the univ of phx also, and I think its pretty cool he is still going to school. But things are going good, times flying a little bit faster, but at the same time slow as a dickens. I miss you so much! I can't wait til the day I'm back in your arms again.

I love you babe-o

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