Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello again deployment, oh how I dont like you

Dear deployment,
Thanks to you I've been worrying a lot about the safety of my husband (even though he's not in a war zone area). Deployment because I worry I've lost 13 pounds in the 11 weeks my husband has been gone! I've lost my appetite to the foods that I love the most! I can't even force myself to eat sometimes. I worry at night that my husbands cold, that he's not eating, that he is thirsty, and that he's not getting the proper amount of sleep. It frightens me to think his needs aren't being met. Deployment, you took my man away and because you've taken him away I've dislocated my arm 3 times in the little time he has been away, and yes I said dislocated. I've tried lifting my super heavy TV, moving my fridge. And taking a heavy box of his things up the stairs. Deployment thanks to you my drain the the tub is clogged, yes its backed up with my thick ol hair, and because its clogged up I don't have enough "woman" strength to undo the darn knob and remove the hair myself, if my super handy man hubby was here he would have just did it. He woulda pulled out the tools necessary, laughed at how much hair I've lost, probably gagged a couple times and threw it away, yes just like that deployment. Easy huh? But deployment thanks to you I've developed an outstanding relationship with my father who in fact was a Marine. Deployment, my dad has helped me, and guided me and told me what tools to use for unclogging my drain when it happens again. He has also helped me figure out what tools need to be used for what. Deployment, thanks to you I'm learning how to become handy with tools, yes deployment ill still be a girly girl, still wear makeup and always will have my nails done...

I'd STILL really would like my husband back now

A very proud US Navy wife.

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