Monday, March 16, 2009

Visiting Sisters?

Alright, so BOTH of my sisters are here in the lovely state of California visiting me for Spring Break. and I must say, (not to sound mean) but I am ready for them to leave.. ha. Since I've moved out here and Derek has been gone I am always alone, and now that I am used to being alone... being around people for long periods of time just bothers the hell out of me. :-) (yes I said hell) I have been annoyed by them so much in these last three days than I have been annoyed by anyone or anything in the past 3 months! thats counting my hubs being home and all the little annoying things he does.. (boy how I wish he was here to annoy me). They have me on the go, and I'm not used to doing anything except relax, cook, workout, school and drive!. I am loosing my mind. on top of that, I think I am becoming a little on the addictive side with Starbucks again!. Derek and I were going like 5 times a week before he left, and I swore to myself up and down that I did not want to become another addictive starbucks person. hahha. sounds funny enough right? to make matters worse, there is a Starbucks right across the darn street from our house.. walking distance.. so so so bad.. all the sugar in the coffee is doing nothing for the yoga/pilates/ or running I've been doing.. I need to put the coffee habits to a hault.. I havent heard from My D in the past couple days and its been a little on the overwhelming side. I miss him so much, but with my sisters here my mind has kinda been off the whole deployment, which isnt necessarily a bad thing. to say the least. When he last called, I was kind of a jerk to him! I wish I could have called him back and said sorry.

I miss you babe-o. more than you could possibly imagine. We are now down to month 3!. almost 50% of the way there soon. Hang in there, keep your head up, stay encouraged, and NEVER EVER forget that I am so proud of you and that I am standing behind you all the way, pushing and supporting you every step we both take..

I love you babe-o.

the wife.

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