Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I hate to worry

I know that I don't live at home anymore and now that I am a married woman my responsiblities should change and I shouldn't worry about my parents right? Wrong. My dad is getting sick and I feel like I'm going to loose my mind, I mean I don't know what's wrong with him but I know its something serious cause he doesn't want to tell me and the girls. I know my mom knows and I don't think my mom is holding up too good. When I think of like the worst things that could happen I can't help but cry. I know I shouldn't worry because we serve and awesome God and God won't give us too much that we can't handle. But its a bit overwhelming trying to stay strong and focused. I mean, its bad enough I worry about my husband and his safety. But now I have more to worry about, my parents and my sisters. Ugh. It hurts. The devil is such a lair. Because we serve a mighty God, and I know this isn't the will of God for our famiy.
I had to vent just a tad. Lord, please help my father get better and get hime healthy.

I talked to my handsome hunny today. Let me first say, I hate taking care of bills. Its so hard, especially because I'm here and he is there. I mean we both have to buy stuff right? It just has gotten a bit hard lately figuring out the bills/planning a wedding and so on. I still love you though, I'm looking forward to getting my jade charm. :-)

I'm so exhausted today that I need to get rest. I have a large amount of homework that I need to complete by tomm. I must go to bed, I know it will be a couple days that ill go without talking to you. You are headed back to Oki at 2am this morning, taking a 9 hour bus ride to get to the beach then another 40 hours or so on those darn speed boats. Stay safe and keep that head up of yours.

I love you babe-o

The wife

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