Friday, March 6, 2009

thank the Lord!

Since Derek has been gone, all he has been talking about is impregnating me! Him and I decided that when we got together that I would get off birth control. Actually I only had one depo shot in Jan 08! And since then nothing to prevent pregnancy! Well in Nov 08 we started getting worried that I or him couldn't (reproduce sort of speak) wheew ill tell you what him and I have been through some troubles! Let me tell you! People thought we eloped because we got pregnant! Which wasn't the case at all! I didn't even want kids. Period. I didn't see myself being fit for being a mother, but of course my stunningly handsome hubby comes along and tells me he is going to do everything in his power to "plant a seed". the "Gonzo" seed to be exact! Well. Before he left we tried, haha like 11 times a night. Whoa, hey were newlyweds give us a break ok! Its alright if were rabbits! Well anyways. I always told him for the longest time! No babies. Please don't. I begged him to not try anything. Lol. Well come to find out I went to the drs for a "PFT" pulmonary function test. Well that didn't happen because I needed a referral. I did have one but I guess it wasn't in tricare. Which was fine with me cause from what I'm told those "pft's" consists of people yelling at you to breathe and run harder. So while I was there I asked the dr if it was "normal" to not have a period in over a year? YES! That depo-vera shot jacked me up! And I do not, I do not recommend that to anyone to take. The dr was like, "wtf, are you serious?". I was kinda embaressed to ask, but I wanted to know. He was like, "are you pregnant?' And my answer was exactly this, "you have to have sex to get pregnant! My husband is on deployment!" Haha I was all, there is no need for a pregnancy test. I can promise you that. :-) so I got blood work done and I was referred to a ferility dr. But looks like everything is FINALLY working and I am good to go for this. All my test results came back perfect! I guess it takes a year for the depo to leae your body! I look it jan 08 and since then. Never took any sort of "birth control"! Scary huh? Well I was and so was derek, actually Derek was more worried than I was about the whole situation. I swear certain things and problems freak this man out, and especially when it comes to my health! So when I told him the news yesterday he was sooo happy! I couldn't believe how he reacted to the news. I was thrilled. I so was excited to tell him. He is so ready to come back home and start baby making again. Haha. So who knows? I just don't want to get morbidly obese where I don't fit into my wedding dress! Derek said he'll gain weight with me.. Haha. I love you daddy! Your going to be an awesome dad. (-::

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