Friday, March 20, 2009

Disappointed but I really do love you more!

Alright, So yesterday was a bit of a disappointment when you broke me that news. Kinda hurt my heart Derek, you can be such a jackass sometimes that you dont think about your choices that you make when you make them, I just wish you would have thought things through before you made that rational decesion. But babe-o it is what it is now and its done and over with, and this will make us stronger. I promise. you watch and see. That was a hump for sure. I knew it the whole time and I was just waiting for you to come clean to me you buttface. I still love you regardless, and I know we are both still are learning a lot, together about marriage.. and trust me we both know that it has been hard, we got hitched then you left.. ugh, sucky huh? its ok. its ok.. It was awesome though, talking to you for like 2 and a half hours yesterday. I must say I am one lucky woman to get calls a couple times a day.

well today was a good day, me and my sisters drove back to AZ, yes I woke up at 0500 this morning, I havent been woken up that early since you left! haha. Well we got to Phx about 12ish, I immediately went and changed my name. Its official now. I am in fact a Gonzo now. literally. ha, I talked to your dad and told him. he laughed. your dad is so funny, today he called me bernie. I was like wtf, only my mom calls me that! haha.. ok ok back to the story, so I changed my name and I filed our taxes, the stupid tax place said that you needed to be here.. I was like, whoa pump the breaks.... I have power of attorney and I have every legal document that you need.. pissed me off... Shoot.. your wife turned into a little hothead this afternoon.. lol but all went well and we actually did awesome.. better than we both thought.. and its God. :-) Do you see how God is continually providing for us? He is so awesome.

So right now I am sitting with my parents watching some boring movie, you know how I hate to watch movies, especially if I'm not interested in the movie.. haha.. I am so bored.. I hope I get a call from you tonight. I have some news to tell you.. I am hoping and praying you call. I love you so much..

Babe-o hang in there and I am completely sorry that I was a jerk to you. I overreacted like really bad, so I am sorry. I love you so much and I am happy you are my husband.. extremely blessed.

I love you babe-o,
The wife

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